Friday, June 18, 2010

OK, Belfry fans, the pictures are still in the works. Sorry about that. The long and the short of it is that I had to move. Packing up all those beads… heavy. Thanks to everyone who helped us with the packing and the move.

Right now, my studio i
s in pieces in our new basement. I’m not even sure exactly were my camera is! Which is sad, because I can’t take pictures of my beautiful kitties! But I do have some pics for you guys. One is of a new piece I got done right before we moved. It’s a lovely combination of Palace Green Opal crystals, and fresh water pearls. I really love the Swarovski opal crystals. That combination of milky translucence and sparkle is so intriguing!

The other is a pic of a piece that I’ve been working on. If you appreciate the whole skull bead craze, or just the “tribal chic” look, then you should really like this piece. It’s my tribute to my favorite show that never was, Korgoth of Barbaria. Check it out on It was a cartoon take on Conan the Barbarian, with a little Dungeons and Dragons thrown in. It is NOT a cartoon for children, though, so you are warned!

I will soon have unpacked enough to be able to start creating new, beautiful pieces. I picked up a few interesting necklaces at my local Goodwill. As with most finds like these, the beads are interesting, and all they need is a good wash and a design that shows them off!