Friday, February 6, 2015

Woo Hoo! I remembered I have a blog!

I know its been, like, FOREVER since I did a post. But now that my wedding is over, and I've had some time to recover, I want to get back into keeping this blog up to date. I thought Valentine's Day would be a good place to start, and as such, I have a new line of jewelry just for the occasion! 

Tanzanite colored crystals and a rose cameo  

Roses are a favorite of mine, and they were a big part of my wedding. So, I thought for this holiday a lovely theme would be "Eternal Blooms". That way the flowers you give this Valentine's Day will never wither! 

Lovely white rose cabs on black filigree

A very popular theme this year, that I love, is Monochrome, or black and white. Its been big with clothes, jewelry, and accessories. I love it because its always classy, and it matches almost everything. While looking for components that fit with this style, I  have found these black filigree pieces and I have absolutely fallen in love with them! They add that dramatic flair to these designs. I think these next earrings came out lovely, and they are especially neat because the cameos are actually vintage. 

Vintage rose cameo and Swarovski crystal

Another design that plays up the monochrome theme, is this set. It uses these very cool printed Swarovski coin crystals and a cosmic cut bead as a pendant. Its simple, but elegant; and it has that element of surprise when you see the clever paisley printed on the coin crystal. 

An elegant, but fun set

Here is a close up of the earrings.

Paisley print coin crystals

And, for that touch of spring, I made these sweet little pastel cameo earrings. These remind me as much of Easter as Valentine's Day. 

Lovely flower cameo and silver filigree

Well, that's it for my first post in a very long time! I hope you like these pieces. I have more posts planed and plenty more designs to show you! Please, if you like this post, share it with friends.