Monday, May 4, 2015

Mother's Day is coming.

Good news everybody! I finally have a Facebook page dedicated to my work! You can find it here. I will be posting the most current pictures of my work on this new page, so "like" and "share" it with friends to see my latest creations. 

Now, as I am sure you know, Mother's day is coming up. It's a time to show our mom's how much they mean to us in a special way. Now, I won't knock the flowers and chocolates, because I love both of those things, but, jewelry is a wonderful, lasting way, to commemorate all our mom's have done for us. 

And this special gift is also a great way to let your mom know you appreciate her sense of style! Giving a hand made, custom gift let's mom know that you really took the time to find something she will love and cherish forever. 

So, I present to you: My featured pieces for Mother's Day! 

This necklace has a very classic look. It not only has that "vintage flair" that is resonating with so many of us today, it has a real piece of history as its centerpiece. The rose pendant is a real, vintage, ivory carving from an old brooch. I paired it with Swarovski's gem colored pearls. They come in lovely shades like pink and red coral and jade and lapis. 

I have to admit, that I have had a bit of a rose obsession most of my life. And there is just something wonderful about a rose that you can have for eternity. This is another romantic piece made with lucite cabochons, filigrees that has this really lovely patina on them, and Swarovski crystals. And of course, it uses my favorite color, purple. 

Another style that is not only big right now, but timelessly classic, is monochrome, or black and white. What's wonderful about this stark contrast is that it goes with everything and has a lovely way of making a simple design bold and eye-catching. 

Or maybe your mom would love a simple, lovely bracelet. I used two Swarovski sew on stones, placed back to back, to make this cute little bow tie centerpiece. 

Well, those are my Mother's Day pieces. I hope you see something you think you're mother will enjoy for years to come! All of these pieces are available for purchase. Just post to my page, Belfry Beads Creations on Facebook or private message me there. Stay tuned, I have a post planned about all the jewelry and decorations I made for my my wedding. Hopefully, they will inspire you as "wedding season" comes around!