Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome to Belfry Beads

This is my first post on Belfry Beads, so let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have been designing jewelry for what seems like a long time; since I was in high school. When I started out, I worked mostly with glass seed beads and bugle beads, making jewelry with brick stitch and ladder stitch, inspired by Native American bead work. That style of jewelry continues to be a great resource to me.

A necklace I made in high school, I was young.

But then I discovered my first real bead store...and discovered gemstones. The variety and beauty of the stones inspired me to start designing a more sophisticated, and lush style of jewelry. After having seen the variety of beads out there, it helped to find my niche, my own personal style.

This was a commission for a friend from my old "day job".

Recently I have been working with vintage beads and pendants. It fascinates me how these pieces make their journey to a modern designer. Sometimes you find beads that have been sitting in warehouse for decades. Now, long after the original design company has folded, these unused beads have made their way back out on to the market.

I love the old colors, which are sometimes colors that are no longer available. In the good old days manufactures could use lots of metals and chemicals they can't use today. Uranium glass anyone? No, I'm not kidding, it was used sometimes to color glass a vibrant, i.e. radioactive, green-yellow. That things like this are not used anymore is good for the manufacture's employees and the environment, but a little sad for us bead lovers. The bright side is new vintage beads come on to the market everyday, as do new gemstones!

This pendant is a "carved" glass cameo from the 40's (most likely).

Well, that's the introduction to Belfry Beads, I hope you enjoyed it. My next post will be on all the wonderful stones I got at the local gemstone bead show in my area. Be sure to come back and take a look. If you see anything you "gotta have" just post a comment and I will contact you about commissioning a custom piece! Always remember that you can email Belfry Beads at:

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  1. I agree with that the variety and beauty of the stones inspired lots to start designing a more sophisticated, and lush style of jewelry.