Thursday, June 16, 2011

I have just a quick post for right now.  This is not bead or jewelry related, but it is very close to my  heart and important to me.  I have recently became the care taker, along with my boyfriend, Rob, of a friend’s father’s cats.  The father recently had an illness, and is at a rehabilitation home recuperating.  We are taking care of his cats in the meantime, and there are 7 of them!  We need to find new homes for these lovely kitties, as our friend’s dad no longer can take care of all them. 

Hammy is a big ham who wants love!
Please check out our Facebook page for the cats.  There you can see pictures of them and get descriptions of their beautiful personalities.  There is also a Picasa web album for the kitties.  These kitties are all generally healthy and well behaved.  They are all from one litter, and have lived together their whole lives.  They handle living with other cats well, and have also had experience living with a dog. 

Rupert here just wants to be pet!
I greatly appreciate you’re taking the time to check out the page and spread the word! 

Thank you all!

P.S.  There will be a new 2 part post on lucite and plastic beads coming very shortly!  I promise!

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